VK2RAY Update

Our repeater has been running low on power and was down for part of last week.
Some work carried out over the last few days should see an improved situation.
We are currently testing the Yaesu DR-X1 repeater hardware on VK2RAY.
This is a new repeater system and the committee would like to get some performance feedback from members at the next general meeting.
This Yeasu DR-1X repeater is destined to go to Mt Hotham once the weather warms up but we would like to have any issues resolved by then.

If you lucky enough to have a digital Yaesu radio please give the C4FM mode a try. 2RAY is set to receive C4FM and FM mode but will always transmit in FM, so you anyone can talk to those using C4FM.

Please submit any repeater performance reports to the secretary or at our next meeting on the 2nd of August.

We may switch between the Yaesu and the Tait repeater during the next couple of weeks for comparison. You can tell which repeater is in use by the tail. The Tait unit has beep in the tail, the Yeasu has a short 0.5s tail with no beep.

The 70cm repeater is currently switched off due to power limitations (lack of sunshine) and will be back on once we have established reliable operation of the 2mt repeater.

Update Prepared by Erwin VK3ERW

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