VK2RAY update

Some of you may have noticed a brief VK2RAY repeater outage on Wednesday. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were required to replace the IRLP hardware for VK2RAY linked repeater system on Wednesday 15 July.

New logic and filter boards were hurriedly assembled and installed, without any opportunity to test, tweak or adjust. As a result, there was a slight tone being sent over the link which was quickly identified and fixed.

Overall, this “Version 1 prototype” went into active service without a hitch!

The new and modified filter board has brought a significant improvement in audio quality and further improvements are expected as we refine the tuning process over time.
Repeater downtime was kept to a minimum with the changeover process being completed in under 10 minutes!

Please provide feedback of your experience with the repeater system as we are keen to improve its usability for all AR operators in the Albury Wodonga region.

albury wodonga amateur radio club vk2ray repeater

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