On Air Nets

On Air nets are a great way to meet other members and in some cases meet many others from overseas.  Some nets operate on a list basis and others on a call basis. Listen in to the nets listed below to learn their method and dont be scared to join in.

AWARC Nets are all operated on a list basis and everyone is welcome to join in.


Monday          20:00 local     147.225 MHz     (VK2RAY Repeater; tone 118.8hz) Held Weekly

Thursday        20:30 local     3.555 MHz        80m net. Held Weekly

Friday             21:00 local     3.680 MHz         Arthur’s Quiz. Held Weekly


PEDAL RADIO NET        Monday             19:00 local     3.668 MHz  Weekly

ANZA NET                      Daily                   0515 UTC       14.185 MHz

ANZA NET                     Saturday             0415 UTC       21.205 Mhz  Weekly

7130 DX Net                  Mon, Wed, Fri     09:30 UTC      7.130 MHz

Southern Cross DX Net  Daily                 1230 UTC        14.238.5 MHz

KANDOS Net                  Daily                   07:00 UTC       7.093 MHz