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Albury Wodonga Amateur Radio Club Inc.
Office Bearers 20
22 – 2023


Vice President: Erwin Bejsta – VK3ERW
Treasurer: Ron Lynch – VK2TRL
Secretary: Ross Wheeler – VK2DGY

Peter Presutti – VK2CIM
Greg Sargeant – VK2EXA

Website editor: Greg Sargeant VK2EXA

Postal address:
PO Box 396

Webmaster: Dallas Sargeant

Amateur radio today
Today’s Amateur Radio is a world of modern communication and experimentation and has had a new lease of life since the regulations were changed in 2005 to remove Morse code and create the new “Foundation License”. Since then, the hobby has been rejuvenated and has been taken up by many young children and others who in the past would never have been able to participate.
The modern Amateur is a person whose life has seen the impact of Internet, television, tablets, mobile phones, WiFi and the Space Age. The modern amateur has also evolved with digital radios and modern methods of communication while still retaining the classic appeal of the “wireless”. It is a hobby that has survived the industrial revolution and the electronics age and continues to grow with a unique appeal.
Wireless Institute of Australia