Power Supply Protection

This article was supplied by John VK3HJQ Hi there, Power Supply Problem I had a slight problem with my shack 13.8V 10A power supply, its output voltage went from 13.8v to 26v, “Oh No”, “Yes No” it took out the 723 voltage regulator, TIP31C & both 2N3055’s in the supply but luckily no radios. Here is a simple CrowBar circuit […]

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FLDigi How-To

FLDigi How- to’s To make it easy for members to get the hang of FLDigi and its uses. Here are 2 excellent manuals in PDF that will answer all your questions regarding FLDigi and its uses. A tour of FLDigi FLDigi User Manual Both documents can be saved to your hard drive or printed. Heres hoping to see you on […]

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How to use MMSSTV

MMSSTV How-To’s These tutorials are designed to help hams make the greatest use of their MMSSTV software. Credit to WB9KMW for the tutorials Create Cool Text for Your MMSSTV Presentation Adding a Note in the MMSSTV Template Adding Multiple, Wrapped Lines to Your Template Adding an Image or Picture into the MMSSTV Template Loading One or More Pictures into an […]

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