2016 RD Contest update

Our club participated in this years Remembrance day contest from the QTHR of Frank VK2BFC.
Pete VK2PTE and Frank VK2BFC operated over the 24 hr period on all bands from 160 to 70cm in the Multi Operator Single Transmitter section.
The competition was fierce in the early hrs with many 100s on 40m but as the night wore on it became a game of hunt peck and call. The use of CW added to the score with CW contacts on 160,80,40 & 20. There even ONE RTTY contact with VK4TS on 40m. Quite a few simplex 2m & 70cm FM contacts in the quiet periods and a few 6m contacts for good measure.

The final score for the club station was 415 QSO’s for a total of 493 points.
We hope thats enough for a win in our section this year.

Thanks to all who gave us numbers during the contest and we hope to have a multi/multi entry in 2017.

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