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VK2RAY relocated!

Over the weekend some hardworking AWAR volunteers finalised relocating VK2RAY, from Lake Hume to Red Light Hill in Lavington.

Below are photos taken by Ross VK2DGY of the successful transfer of the container/RAY.

Photos should be self-explanatory but you’ll see the container being loaded onto the truck and then unloaded at Red Light Hill. Below is a quote from Ross;

Water and power goes around where the container is. I used a 160kHz source to light up the line and a vlf receiver to locate it. Marked where I reckon it went and started digging. About 450mm down I hit sand and just after that found the pipe. Pretty darn good I reckon!


One comment

  • Theo VK3AP

    Great work.
    What a magnificent site for the repeater. I can just imagine the coverage.
    Looking forward to catching up.

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