Meeting information

We welcome new members and visitors. Business Meetings are held on the First Tuesday of each month starting at 19.30 hours at 1st Lavington Scout Hall, Mutsch St. Lavington NSW 2641. On air club nets: Thursday nights 8.30 pm 3.555 Mhz Every Monday is a net night using the VK2RAY 147.050mhz 2m (118.8hz tone) repeater starting at 8pm.

A WIA broadcast will proceed the Monday night net at  7:30pm


Location map

VK2RAY 15th August

Erwin checks the 70cm cavities before we bring up the repeater on it’s new frequencies. We replaced the network cable, power injection system. Replaced and rerouted the microwave link cabling, moved the LV dc switching, mounted the ethernet switch, added battery temperature compensation, added a dedicated battery sense wire for the charge controller and did some improvements to the telemetry […]

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Sunday at VK2RAY

Yesterday we got all the top hat sections cut and attached and the sheets back on. Lots more work on the telemetry, monitoring and power control side. Ron, Erwin and I deferred from yesterday to today due to weather. Of course the wind went from negligible to problematic as soon as we started to handle the colourbond sheets!Ross – VK2DGY

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More VK2RAY relocation activity

More on VK2RAY relocation activity. 13th July – Garoni’s truck arrived at 9:15 am and we had the container in place at Ross’ place by 10:30 am. Photos 1 – 4 – The whole operation went exactly as planned and was completed just before the rain set in. Over the next few weeks we’ll reinstall the solar panels, then rebuild […]

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VK2RAY update

Some of you may have noticed a brief VK2RAY repeater outage on Wednesday. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were required to replace the IRLP hardware for VK2RAY linked repeater system on Wednesday 15 July. New logic and filter boards were hurriedly assembled and installed, without any opportunity to test, tweak or adjust. As a result, there was a slight tone […]

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VK2RAY photo update

Here are a couple more photos submitted by Erwin VK3ERW. The left photo shows the old site after cleanup. Tom handed the site back to Albury Council, so we are no longer liable for rent. The right photo shows this weekend’s achievements: Solar panels mounted and batteries are back on charge Telescopic mast with X300 antenna deployed with improved water […]

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VK2RAY relocated!

Over the weekend some hardworking AWAR volunteers finalised relocating VK2RAY, from Lake Hume to Red Light Hill in Lavington. Below are photos taken by Ross VK2DGY of the successful transfer of the container/RAY. Photos should be self-explanatory but you’ll see the container being loaded onto the truck and then unloaded at Red Light Hill. Below is a quote from Ross; […]

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Relocating VK2RAY

Below are some photos, taken by Rob VK2FAAA last weekend, of some very active AWARC volunteers preparing our transmitter out at the fish farm, RAY. Everything had to come off the container; solar panels, antenna towers, even the side installation panels had to come off. Before the actual moving of the container was scheduled to go ahead all items except […]

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When the internet goes down…

Interesting Engineering: When the Internet and Cell Phone Networks Go Down, Amateur Radio Operators Step Up. Click this link to read this interesting article published in the USA: Interesting Engineering: When the Internet and Cell Phone Networks Go Down, Amateur Radio Operators Step Up

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Australia’s own amateur radio handbook now locally available

For the first time in years Australia’s 14 000 radio amateurs can easily buy a hard-copy handbook written for local conditions. Up to now the Australian Ham Radio Handbook had only been available as an ebook via Amazon. Author Peter Parker VK3YE says “It’s clear that Australians wanted a paperback version that was available locally at a good price”. “I’m […]

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