Current club projects

VK2RAY Location Hume Weir Village

As of 11th February 2017 the 3RAY 70cm repeater is now operational. We are monitoring the the performance of the battery with the load of two repeaters.

Providing the battery holds up and there are no interference issues the repeater will remain active.

VK3RHO Mt Hotham project is on hold

(As of February 2015 the Mt Hotham Repeater is no longer in service and is under review. The article below was written by Chris Glanville.)

On Friday the 16th of December 2013 the AWARC reinstalled the VK3RHO repeater on mount Hotham.
This repeater represents a two year investment by the club and a significant portion of their bank balance, however the board is so far very please with the coverage provided by the repeater.

Two years ago the AWARC did a small investigation to determine whether or not there was any activity in the amateur community with regards to the repeater and determined that only one individual, Mr. Bob Tait VK3XP, was trying to get something done.

Mr. Tait had a repeater but the authorities that control the site on Mount Hotham would not deal with individuals. Therefore after a short meeting between Mr. Tait and Christopher Glanville, VK3KQU the AWARC decided to see what it could do.

On the 10th of February 2010 the club formed a special sub-committee to co-ordinate the repeater project.

This committee is made up of Christopher Glanville and Peter Burgess.

The Story – After the committee was formed the AWARC was then able to consult with the authorities with regards to the Mount Hotham site and after nearly two years of going through paper work the club received its final approval from Telstra, a massive step forward in the project. Once this step was completed the club was able to install the equipment on the summit of Mount Hotham.