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We welcome new members and visitors. Business Meetings are held on the First Tuesday of each month starting at 19.30 hours at 1st Lavington Scout Hall, Mutsch St. Lavington NSW 2641. On air club nets: Thursday nights 8.30 pm 3.555 Mhz Every Monday is a net night using the VK2RAY 147.225Mhz 2m (118.8Hz tone) repeater starting at 8pm.

A WIA broadcast will proceed the Monday night net at  7:30pm


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Tilt-over tower, base and Hydraulic antenna for sale.

Antenna for sale

For sale One tilt-over tower, base and hydraulic ram: One ATN Logperiodic 6 Element beam antenna 20-6 Meters Prices negotiable […]

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Club Portable Repeater

The club’s old portable repeater developed an intermittent problem so we’ve decided to replace it using slightly more modern technology. After a generous and appreciated donation by VK3TIM of the key parts for our new repeater, the new system is almost complete.

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80m Loop Antenna

Michael Harvey VK2JMJ December 2021 Theory: Antennas are basically a resonant element in the sky. That resonance can be obtained by a natural RF length or wavelength of wire. That length can be physically shortened or made to look longer at RF by adding inductance in that length. A combination of inductance and capacitance makes the element resonate. Read the […]

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Another Antenna Project from Rob!

Another successful Antenna Project from Rob!I want to share with my fellow Ham guys another successful antenna build for 70 cm the VSWR is less than 1.3:1. The only thing for me to do now is to polish the brass construction and coated and a clear sealant most pleased I am. I also wish to add everything except for the […]

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Home brew 5/8 2mtr antenna

Well this is my latest creation with help from Ross VK2DGY and Lloyd VK2KNS. The rod is an old fishing rod with all the fishing bits and pieces chucked off. Everything is been made by hand the only thing now to do is to check it for tuning.  I must say that’s the scary part.  It will work or it […]

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Home brew Halo Antenna

Update! As you can see I’ve done some fancy work to my halo antenna as it’s now blue. There is also a photo of the metre showing how well it has been tuned with the help of the boys at the club meeting. Very much appreciated. Rob VK2MGM Some photos of Rob VK2MGM tuning his new Halo Antenna for 2 […]

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Changes to lightning protection at VK2RAY

Lightning protection has been moved from inside the container to an ideal “bulkhead” installation. Several reasons – this gets the cable entry on the other side of the mast where we don’t have to avoid it while raising or lowering the mast, it gives us about 500 mm or so more slack to raise the mast a little further, and […]

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VK2RAY 15th August

Erwin checks the 70cm cavities before we bring up the repeater on it’s new frequencies. We replaced the network cable, power injection system. Replaced and rerouted the microwave link cabling, moved the LV dc switching, mounted the ethernet switch, added battery temperature compensation, added a dedicated battery sense wire for the charge controller and did some improvements to the telemetry […]

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A little light hearted relief

Hi to all. As we are trying to keep with the environment where I live as in I am unable to erect an antenna outdoors, I decided to use this little J pole antenna tuned for 70 cm. As you can see we turned it into what I call a Plantana and the SW are a spot on and it’s […]

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Sunday at VK2RAY

Yesterday we got all the top hat sections cut and attached and the sheets back on. Lots more work on the telemetry, monitoring and power control side. Ron, Erwin and I deferred from yesterday to today due to weather. Of course the wind went from negligible to problematic as soon as we started to handle the colourbond sheets!Ross – VK2DGY

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More VK2RAY relocation activity

More on VK2RAY relocation activity. 13th July – Garoni’s truck arrived at 9:15 am and we had the container in place at Ross’ place by 10:30 am. Photos 1 – 4 – The whole operation went exactly as planned and was completed just before the rain set in. Over the next few weeks we’ll reinstall the solar panels, then rebuild […]

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Homebrew 6 Element Yagi for 70cm

A fun little project I did over a couple of days was making this little 6 element yagi for 70cm. There are so many designs and ways one can do this so after some reading of different designsand measurements I came up with this (photos below). I decided to go for a dipole driven element fed by a “Bazooka Balun”. […]

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