• harmony nally

    Sad to hear. My grandad Ian Crawford nally started this company

    • Terry Campbell

      Harmony Nally, is your grandad still alive? He worked with my Dad John Whitehead and I am trying to locate as many of his old mates as possible.

      Thanks Terry Campbell

      • Rob Parkinson

        Hi l am Rob Parkinson son of Bob Nugget Parkinson. We took over the tower business from lan Nally in the seventies until the early nineties. Dad died on the 12 January 2010.
        Great memories. I was dads welder for most of those years.

        • Kevin Luxford

          I am Kevin Luxford. I think that Bob Parkinson installed my tower around 1980. I think that Bob had had an accident which had damaged his legs. I am sorry that Nally has gone out of business as I wanted them to do some maintenance on safety winches that had been installed after Bob had sold the business. Sorry to hear that he has passed.

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