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More VK2RAY relocation activity

More on VK2RAY relocation activity.

13th July – Garoni’s truck arrived at 9:15 am and we had the container in place at Ross’ place by 10:30 am.

Photos 1 – 4 – The whole operation went exactly as planned and was completed just before the rain set in. Over the next few weeks we’ll reinstall the solar panels, then rebuild the battery charging and telemetry components before we get onto re-commissioning the VK2RAY 2mt repeater.

Photo 5 – 25th July – Work included moving cable tray, running solar cabling for panels three and four, attaching the new gear tray to the container, mounting the first two breakers, the charge controller, the current shunt and the new telemetry and control gear enclosure, a temporary battery, and cabling it all up and testing correct operation. A little each time but constant forward progress!

Photos 6 & 7 – August 1st – Todays working bee saw the earth stakes all done, more cable tray fitted, the rack prepared for gear to be installed and numerous other works completed.

Articles and photos submitted by Ross VK2DGY

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