Mobile VHF, UHF & HF bands & the Foundation Licence

This article was submitted by Mark VK3ASC.

I was in the local Jaycar store in Albury and saw a poster advertising the local Amateur radio club in Albury Wodonga is running a foundation licence course on the 20 – 21st August 2016. What is a foundation licence? Well it’s a basic entry in to amateur radio that is an easy subject to pass when you go through the course over the weekend. You will receive a certificate and an application to get your licence when you pass.

What will the licence give me? It will give you in simple terms over 1000 channels to use combining HF, VHF and UHF frequencies.

HF – 4 bands – 3.500 to 3.700 mhz, 7.000 to 7.300mhz, 21.000 to 21.450mhz, 28.0000 to 29.700mhz – HF is for long distance communication in Australia and around the world. Using SSB, AM and CW modes. These is a travellers net covering Australia on the 21 mhz band subject to band conditions.

VHF – 144.000 to 147.800 for medium range local communication. Access to repeater networks when mobile eg. There is quite a few
VHF repeaters covering North East Victoria. Mt Big Ben, Mt Hotham , Mt Porpunkah etc.

UHF – 430.000 to 450.000mhz local communications and access to repeater network.

More info on the foundation licence can be found here>

Are the radio’s large in size and expensive? No, These days the mobile radios are quite compact and cover both HF, VHF & UHF in the one radio like the Yeasu FT-857D used extensively in 4×4’s in the USA and Australia. New they are worth around $1000.00. If you already have a Codan, Icom or Barrett HF radio, you can get the frequencies programed in once you get your licence and call sign.

For information on the August Foundation courses please contact Frank VK2 BFC on 0419 782 447 or email on

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