Make your own dummy load

Had a friend (we wont name him) pop into the shack today with a beautiful TS-520 in almost mint condition. It even had a DG-5 digital readout. Only problem was he couldn’t get it to transmit.

After a short time i asked him if he had noticed the SG on/off switch on the rear panel. Nope was the reply. Well there’s the trouble it needs to be ON to supply power to the screen grids.

After much laughter and a generous amount of joking i asked if he had a Dummy load to use to “tune up” the old girl prior to transmitting. No not yet was the reply.

I told him i was sure i had a good design for one somewhere and proceeded to search through old AR’s and QST’s until i found just the thing.

A great design from Ross VK2KVV that was published in the Feb 1999 WIA Amateur Radio Magazine. Its called the HF-MT Dummy Load . HF-MT stands for “High Frequency Milo Tin”.

I remember making a similar one years ago and this is just the thing to get your home brew juices going.
I present it here in PDF format for your enjoyment and education

HF-MT Dummy Load instructions

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