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Homebrew 6 Element Yagi for 70cm

A fun little project I did over a couple of days was making this little 6 element yagi for 70cm. There are so many designs and ways one can do this so after some reading of different designs
and measurements I came up with this (photos below).

I decided to go for a dipole driven element fed by a “Bazooka Balun”. The formula of 468/freq gave me the length for the driven element and around 5 to 10mm plus or minus for the rest of the elements.

For the spacing between the elements I decided to do an average of a few designs that I had looked into. I have a 10mm gap between the two dipole legs. The SWR can be adjusted by moving the driven element slightly up or down the boom or playing with the gap size between the two dipoles.

All elements are mounted to the boom with U Bolts except for the driven element which is
isolated from the boom. The Bazooka sleeve is also grounded to the boom. I made this antenna mainly for the purpose to access VK3RAY Repeater in Wodonga which is around 17km’s from from my location here in Nth Albury.

When I was happy with the build and a quick test, I then changed the driven element mounting to it’s final enclosure.

Materials used;

  • 10mm aluminium tubing for elements,
  • 25x10mm tube for boom at 1m long.
  • Forward gain around 9dB

Peter – VK2PSW