Digital Voice Radio

Digital Voice Radio just became a lot easier

“In the not so distant past”Sounds like the preamble of a book or movie. If you, are about to make the move into digital radio, you will be presented with choices, these will have an impact on your pocket and whom you will be able to talk to. Looking for what gives you the best bang for your bucks, depends on what services are in your area…

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Thanks to Rob VK2YMU for this article

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  • Peter

    Dear Robert, thanks for the article, about as well balanced as you can get, thankyou for your accurate research into D-Star. You are correct, it was developed by the JARL in the early 90’s and perfected by the late 90’s on a test bed provided by Icom.
    D-Star is not proprietary, all other manufacturers in Japan were asked to get on board and all refused as a point to be different, particularily Yeasu. Kenwood produced a white label D800 in 2006, but felt they didn’t want to harm their APRS and ARES markets,, with the TM-D710 etc so they withdrew. ….but still maintained good relationships with Icom, and later together created the IDAS/NXDN commercial protocols, which are essentially the same. Kenwood have since released their own D-Star and true APRS Handheld called a D-74. A really nice piece of gear. Always like to read good articles, that have no agenda.

    My opinion Convert VK2RAY to MMDV system, would be an unreal system for AW
    I was up last week and it was a bit hard to get into

    Kind regards
    Peter VK3TQ / VK2LD

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