Raspberry Pi Power Supply

An issue confronting Raspberry Pi users is SD card corruption due do improper system shutdown. Ordinarily before removing power from the Raspberry Pi, one should execute the “sudo shutdown -h” Simple routine can be incorporated into the system, sensing either an operator shutdown or a power failure. Read the full PDF article here> Thanks to Rob VK2YMU for submitting this […]

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Digital Radio Hot Spot

Digital Radio Hot Spot If you’re like me, deciding to embark upon the world of digital radio, confusion is likely to be the result, likely to make you abandon the whole idea, going back to what you know and understand. However the digital mode experiencing rapid growth is DMR, but like all the others, requires a radio that uses that […]

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What is Emphasis?

With any electrical signals, being the transmission over wires or radio, or the process of converting analog to digital or for whatever purpose, this will require some form of signal conditioning. The reason is that the converting process creates problems either to obtain acceptable signal to noise ratio or signal linearity. With digital conversion of an analog system the technique […]

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