Understanding modern digital modulation techniques

Understanding modern digital modulation techniques Fundamental to all wireless communications is modulation, the process of impressing the data to be transmitted on the radio carrier. Most wireless transmissions today are digital, and with the limited spectrum available, the type of modulation is more critical than it has ever been. Read the full PDF article here: Source: Electronic Design. Lou Frenzel

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Wireless-X The Bible

Wireless-X The Bible By Dewey L. Hee WB7OEV In his Prior life was a System Administration working for the Boeing Company. He became interested in Amateur radio while working for the Boeing company in 1972… He began to wonder what else he could do with the FTM 400 and discovered this mode called Fusion, (CFM) and got bitten with the

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Digital Radio Hot Spot

Digital Radio Hot Spot If you’re like me, deciding to embark upon the world of digital radio, confusion is likely to be the result, likely to make you abandon the whole idea, going back to what you know and understand. However the digital mode experiencing rapid growth is DMR, but like all the others, requires a radio that uses that

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