albury wodonga amateur radio club

Bogong to Hotham 2024

On January 19 2024 the Albury Wodonga Amateur Radio Club supported the event as safety and radio stations along the course which is 66 kilometres in length. It follows the Alpine walking track. The club had 13 locations along the course with 18 operators and partners helping.

Nigel assembled our portable VK3RWI 147.225 repeater + cross band 146.550 2mtr installation Near Warby Corner on Friday afternoon only to find out it did not work as planned, however early on Saturday morning the problem was resolved by changing the battery to a 100 amp hour lithium battery.

The run started the slow entrants at 5:00 am and the faster ones at 7:00 am, there was one runner that had an issue with a torn ligament at Big River and had to be driven out from ropers hut by Alex VK3AXB. The last entrant finished the event at 8:30 pm on the summit at Mt Hotham.

I would like to thank all the people who helped on the weekend especially those from Melbourne and Moe who are only too happy to help.

VK2TRL Ron, VK3KGM Grant, VK3EQ Rick, VK3JSN John, VK3AXB Alex, VK3NWH Nigel,

Conner Campbell, VK2AST Stafford, VK1FJET Trevor, VK3SQ Geoff, VK3LOC Hayden, VK3GS Bob & Lyn, VK3XBC Duncan and Noreen, VK3GAZ Gary , VK3TCM Tony, VK2JMJ Mike, and VK2EXA Greg.

Brett from Trails Plus also says a great thank you to all those involved from our group of helpers as this was the first event for five years he is very pleased with the outcome and will start organising next year’s event very soon with entry’s being accepted in the next couple of months.

Event coordinator