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We welcome new members and visitors. Business Meetings are held on the First Tuesday of each month starting at 19.30 hours at 1st Lavington Scout Hall, Mutsch St. Lavington NSW 2641. On air club nets: Thursday nights 8.30 pm 3.555 Mhz Every Monday is a net night using the VK2RAY 147.225mhz 2m (118.8hz tone) repeater starting at 8pm.

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Australia’s own amateur radio handbook now locally available

For the first time in years Australia’s 14 000 radio amateurs can easily buy a hard-copy handbook written for local conditions. Up to now the Australian Ham Radio Handbook had only been available as an ebook via Amazon. Author Peter Parker VK3YE says “It’s clear that Australians wanted a paperback version that was available locally at a good price”. “I’m

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Raspberry Pi Power Supply

An issue confronting Raspberry Pi users is SD card corruption due do improper system shutdown. Ordinarily before removing power from the Raspberry Pi, one should execute the “sudo shutdown -h” Simple routine can be incorporated into the system, sensing either an operator shutdown or a power failure. Read the full PDF article here> Thanks to Rob VK2YMU for submitting this

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The Moxon Rectangle

In the now defunct magazine Radio and Communications July 1999 issue, an article appeared about HF Moxon antenna. As incredible as these claims may seem , I have made a Moxon Rectangle and it seems to doall that was claimed for it… Read the PDF article> Thanks to VK2YMU ROB for submitting this article.

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Product Review – Rode M3 Studio Microphone

Product Review – Rode M3 Studio MicrophoneAustralian Made I don’t usually promote any product unless it offers great value for money with equally great performance. Usually the microphones provided by radio manufacturers, besides the high price tags don’t seem to give the expected audio quality that can be had with non OEM units. To read the full PDF article please

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VK2RWB (Yarrawonga)

The repeater had works done to improve the range, many thanks to all those who did the heavy lifting. The repeater can is now workable way past Corowa going east towards Albury, no exact coverage map exists presently. So any reports will be useful. The repeater is linked with connectivity to many parts of West Victoria, including Mitcham in Melbourne

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