Meeting information

We welcome new members and visitors. Business Meetings are held on the First Tuesday of each month starting at 19.30 hours at 1st Lavington Scout Hall, Mutsch St. Lavington NSW 2641. On air club nets: Thursday nights 8.30 pm 3.555 Mhz Every Monday is a net night using the VK2RAY 147.225mhz 2m repeater starting at 8pm. Tuesday nights 8pm 7.047 Mhz digital net.

AWARC Meeting place

RAY Working Bee

Here are a few photos from a working bee held last weekend at RAY the repeater site. The guys got the mast erected for our C4FM repeater connection. The tower now in use originally belonged to Mal McRae VK3FO. Present were Erwin, VK3ERW, Russ VK2BJP, Ron VK2TRL, Peter VK2CIM, Phil VK2CPR and Alex VK3FRED. Great work!

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Antennas For Sale

FOR SALE Antenna 2mtr/70cm – $150 ONO Home made antenna mast 25 mm pipe two sections about 25 ft high hinged at the bottom includes guys – $400 ONO if you can help Bernard to take them down. Apply to: Bernard VK3FAEI Phone: 0490 436 464 These antennas are situated at Shelley Victoria on Avondale Road.

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February Meeting Speaker

At the February general meeting we will have Theo Kalkandis VK3AP presenting the following topics; Counterfeit product and how to distinguish genuine radios from counterfeit (fake) radios Performance issues Genuine vs Counterfeit Why products are Chinese manufactured Named brand manufactured factories and quality control A photographic tour of Baofeng, Wouxun, Liexen, 409Shop, QYT and others including Hong Kong’s only real

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Voice Repeater Guidelines

One of our members found this Wireless Institute of Australia Information Paper when he was tidying up his shack. We thought it may be of interest to those of you who regularly use repeaters. Click here to download the PDF one page article> Extract from the Information Paper: Repeaters are established primarily to extend the communication range of mobile stations

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Hints and Kinks

HINTS AND KINKS – by Scotty VK2KE Speaker impedance When connecting a speaker to a receiver watch the impedance of the speaker so  that it matches the rig or receiver, if you connect a 4 ohm speaker to a receiver that is designed for 8 ohms, it may overload and destroy the audio amplifier transistors  in the receiver. Speaker quality

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