Activities, Projects and Exercises

The Upper Murray Challenge event was held on the 4th of November 2017

Our group ran the comms for the event which had 52 competitors. There were nine club members at various positions. We used 70cm and a portable repeater. Thanks to everyone who did a fantastic job in their various roles. The event was a success with no issues arising.

As usual Greg VK2EXA did an excellent job organising our operators into position with their gear and tasks on the day.

Some of the club members camped overnight Friday at the Colac Colac caravan park just out of Corryong. Enjoyable times were had sitting around the campfire on Friday and Saturday nights.

Above and below are some photos and a video of the last in competitor in the Challenge coming home. Greg VK2EXA  can be seen in the foreground. Photos and video taken and submitted by Rob VK2FAAA. Thanks Rob.

Foundation licences

If you are interested in becoming an amateur radio operator and want to do a course, please contact us. The cost is $30 for the course. Please contact us or more information.

Jamboree Of The Air

Every 3rd Weekend of October the Scouting and Guide movement hold JOTA/JOTI The biggest group assembles at Camp Nelson near Howlong, NSW.


January each year sees a group of AWARC members head for the High Plains to do comms for the Roof Top Run.

Mt Hotham Repeater

The Hotham Repeater project will be finalized in the spring, summer 2016/17. Due to unforeseen issues that arose prior to the first snow drop earlier this year we missed in finalizing the project. More on this soon.

Emergency Communications
In times of natural disasters, radio amateurs throughout the world provide support communications, and sometimes the only communications immediately after a disaster. When Cyclone Tracey hit Darwin in 1974 virtually the only communication out of the area was by a radio amateur who hooked his transceiver up to a car battery, and let the world know that Darwin needed help.
Also in Australia, emergency communications have been provided after numerous bush fires including Black Friday 1939, and Ash Wednesday 1983. Another occasion was after the Newcastle Earthquake in 1989.
More recently radio amateurs provided vital communications immediately after the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster that affected India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. Often after a disaster normal telephone systems are damaged or jammed as anxious relatives try and call an area.
The radio systems of emergency services are also extremely busy, and additional or supplementary communication can be readily provided by radio amateurs using their own equipment, and skills. The role of the Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network (WICEN) to supply communications in times of emergency is recognised in the State Disaster Plan.
WICEN is an organised group of radio amateurs who regularly engage in training exercises, and provide communication for public events such as car rallies, the great Victorian Bike Ride, and the Red Cross Murray River Canoe Marathon.
Amateur Radio Victoria